Builds Models and prototypes using 3D animation program files, movie sets, props, and animated characters using Rapid Prototype Machines, Custom Action Figures, Posable Figures, Articulated Figures and Digital Sculptures.

Builds Real Models or Prototypes directly from Poser Files, using Rapid Prototyping.  We can make Custom Action Figures, Posable Figures, Digital Sculptures and Posable Gumby type Figures. We can use files from 3D Studio, 3D Studio Max, 3DS, Maya, SDRC, 3D digitial files, Poser, Bryce, Vue, Rhino, Light wave, Carrara, Animation Master, Daz3D, Dina V, Curios Labs, Meta Creations, AutoCAD, Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, 3D Artists, Computer Arts, 3D Art, Computer Sculpture, 3D Sculptures, Poser Form, Soft Image, Bryce, Daz3D, Amorphium or any Animation or 3D drawing package.  The Rapid prototype systems include SLA (Stereolithography), RTV or Silicon Rubber Molds or Cast Models, Sanders Wax 3D Printer or Solid Scape 3D Printer, SLS.